Natalie Catalina Vargas is a DC-based consultant, designer, and content creator. Creatively inclined to make things pretty and live a beautiful life.

Natalie Catalina

Welcome to my happy place. I'm the founder of this site. I'm also a marketing and communications professional at a renowned consulting firm. I have over eight years experience in all things graphic design, marketing, writing, and content creation. I love social media, appreciate good branding, and have a keen eye for design and styling.

In 2013, I started this blog as a place to create. This is my space of sartorial and interior inspiration. A spot to share the things I love most in a beautiful way. This visual diary aims to provide a plethora of minimalist, thoughtfully curated content. Here I share effortless styling, frivolity, and eclectic finds for the modern bohemian, with a few personal musings in between.

I currently live in Washington, DC, with a few regular escapes to our Florida condo. I hoard ephemera and have a thing for palm trees, old films, margaritas, shoes, pizza, sea breeze, chocolate milkshakes, and dancing. I do my best.

Natalie Catalina Mantra


"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life."  

Elsie de Wolfe