A visual diary of effortless styling, surf culture, and eclectic finds for the modern bohemian, with a few personal musings in between.


Natalie Catalina Vargas is the Creative Director and Founder of this space. Creatively inclined to make things beautiful and live a collected life.



The creative director, designer, and curator behind Natalie Catalina. Outside this space, I'm a full-time marketing and communications professional. I have over six years experience in all things graphic design, marketing, writing, and content creation. I love social media, appreciate good branding, and have a keen eye making things beautiful. 


I began my blog in 2013 to fill a creative void and develop a space of sartorial and interior inspiration. This visual diary aims to provide a plethora of minimalist, thoughtfully curated content through effortless styling, frivolity, and mid-century interiors, with a few personal musings in between. In September 2017, I launched my online small shop, inspired by the products I share on my blog, full of vintage items, accessories, and flea market finds.

I currently live in Washington, DC, with a few escapes to our Florida home. I adore good design, collecting ephemera, and drinking chocolate milkshakes.

Natalie Catalina
Natalie Catalina


"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life."