London Calling!
London Calling on Natalie Catalina

The rumors are true! I'm London bound tomorrow for an entire week to visit my bff, McKenna! She moved there a couple years ago, and basically, I am long overdue for a visit. How glorious! Be sure to follow along everywhere. I hope to share lots and lots of photos on my Instagram and through stories. There's plenty to do and see! We're steering clear of the super touristy areas as I've been several times. So it'll be a great week of pub crawling, hanging with friends, exploring local spots, museums, and adventuring. Let me know if you have any recommendations... esp if they're Instagram-worthy of course. Enjoy a couple scheduled blog posts next week too. Cheerio! 

Newsletter will be back next Friday.

5 Good Things
5 Good Things on Natalie Catalina

It's Monday and I'm not mad about it. I was excited to share this post, this series is one of my favorites and this edition has so much great designs to check out. Check out a few things I've been loving from the internet lately. Hope you all have a wonderful week! I'll be working and gearing up for my week in London. So pumped! More on that later.


5 good things

1. Cool Type on Creative Boom   2. Allbirds Wool Runners   3. The Taable on Instagram   4. Mochi Flamenca Ivory Beaded Drops   5. Sherwood Square

Advice Column: Spring "Cleaning"
Spring "Cleaning" on Natalie Catalina

Need I say more! I love reorganizing my entire life (basically) come spring. Here are my top tips and checklist for spring cleaning. What do you do to refresh for the season?

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