privacy please


I want you to trust me, so let's talk about how your information is being used. Your use of this website indicates that you accept the terms of privacy policy and terms of service of Natalie Catalina LLC. Your personal information is collected only when you shop items through my website, sign up for my newsletter, or comment on a blog post. You will know when your information is being collected because you will be asked to provide that information to this site. Mostly, only your name and email is collected. However, if you purchase an item through my shop, your full name, billing and shipping address, email,  and credit card information is also collected.

Outside of personal information, I also collect some not so personal things, like your browser information and what type of technology you're using to come to this space. Your general location is also collected and the internet will probably do creepy things like tell me what age and gender you are... because internet. This information is used by me and me alone for the purpose of tracking my audience and their interests, and it's all placed in this big analytics tracker... so no, I cannot tell exactly what age and gender YOU are, but the general "you"... does that make sense? 

Please know that your information is kept completely private and will not be shared with any other members. Your billing information is also kept secure through PayPal or Stripe. Please view their security policies for more information.



If you have questions about this privacy policy, contact me at