I'm Natalie, the DC-based creative and curator behind this space. I began this site in 2013 to fill a creative void and develop a platform of sartorial and interior inspiration. Occasionally, I partner with like-minded creatives looking to bring their projects to life through color, type, and identity. As a self-taught designer, I specialize in clean, minimalist designs, with a particular interest in print collateral. I'm inspired by retro frivolity, good design, and my growing collection of ephemera. When I'm not working or socializing, you can find me watching episodes of Bewitched and old films, drinking chocolate milkshakes, or endlessly scrolling through Pinterest.



A visual diary providing thoughtfully curated content for the modern woman, with a dash of frivolity and retro flair.


"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life."

elsie de wolfe