I'm Natalie Catalina Vargas, a graphic designer and creative person living in Washington, DC.

I'm currently a full-time consultant by day, who freelances and blogs by night. I started this space in 2013 to fill a creative void and share a platform of sartorial and interior inspiration. After a few years in blogging, I began collaborating with a bunch of cool people on some really fun projects like web design, graphic design, and more. My aesthetic approach focuses on minimalism, usually with a hint of fun. I love sharing outfits, good links and people, old film favorites, recipes, and get lost in creating mid-century interior roundups. Occasionally, you'll find a personal musing here and there, and a catchy playlist to have on repeat. 

I collect things like matchbooks, magazines, pins, and vintage glassware, which has become a real problem for my kitchen storage. I frequent antique shops and Trader Joes. I stay up too late and say "fuck" too much. My happy place is anywhere on a beach. I am obsessed with print materials and packaging, and definitely buy things for branding alone. I drink chocolate milkshakes often and could live off pasta/pizza for the rest of my life. Among my favorite movies are When Harry Met Sally, Can't Buy Me Love, The Breakfast Club, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Teen Witch. I don't drink coffee. Ever. So far, Italy is my favorite place to travel in the world. Hawaii is a close second. 90's nostalgia gives me life. My go-to karaoke song is "It's All Coming Back to Me." When I'm not working or out socializing in the real world, you can usually find me binge watching Netflix or watching a Disney movie, scouting for vintage interiors, or endlessly scrolling through Pinterest.

Lately, I'm having a lot of fun decorating my 1940s apartment and learning how to not kill all of my new plants.

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If you would like to chat about a project you have in mind or simply want to say hello, find me at hello@nataliecatalina.com