This email pairs well with a fresh glass of rosé.

It’s me, Natalie. I know I’ve been MIA from your inbox for months, but let’s not even get into that. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be sending out a new newsletter. I have been so inspired to get back to this space and bring back an outlet that so many of you signed up for long ago (thank you), and excited to say hey to the newbies as well. Newsletters have always been interesting to me. To be honest… I’m usually not a fan. I subscribe to a very tiny list of brands and creatives who just get it right. So, seriously, thank you. I’m hoping my virtual friends are excited to see this baby pop into their inbox, and hope you enjoy a little escape from what may otherwise be a mundane Wednesday just getting shit done.

Keeping things a bit simple for my first day back, but still fun! I’ll be seeing how this goes and probably switching things up as we move along and I see what works and what doesn’t. This round, I’m sharing a few of my latest posts you may have missed, a Skillshare promo for two months of free use for my readers(!!), and lots of links I have bookmarked lately. But I would love to hear from you! Please reply or email me at and let me know what you like to see in newsletters! What gets you to sign up and subscribe. Help a sister out. OK, let’s get into it.


Netflix is a very important aspect of my life. Here are the things worth watching this month.

I’ve jumped on the Amazon Fashion bandwagon for swimwear this year. Currently wearing the red scalloped option here (love) and got this baby too. Both good quality, cute, and inexpensive.

Majorly inspired by Bri’s latest post on the perfect summer garden lunch. These cocktails are calling my name.

Fourth of July the California way? I’ll take it.

I stumbled upon this 70s Scottsdale home tour on Pinterest and I’m so ready to pack my bags and move to the desert. It’s a good one, you guys.

I received major love in my Insta DMs about my newest globe light from Ikea. It looks retro and is super cheap for a light that looks vintage. Ikea is the best.

One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Victoria, from SF Girl By Bay, has been sharing the dreamiest stories on Insta of her trip to Italy and France, and I cannot get enough. Love how she captures beauty even in the simplest of ways.

Big fan of crime podcasts, like me? I started This Land, and it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be… it’s better. A story about murder, but also a story about the history of Native American land and law, and the current issues these families are still facing today. It’s so interesting and educational, highly recommend.

Love this roundup of 10 things you won’t believe are made of recycled water bottles.

Big fan of Lisa Says Gah, and currently obsessing over this outfit. Everything this brand does is on point.

Shopping for plus-size/size-inclusive brands? See this roundup of the 14 best places to find clothing that’s right for you!

Highly enjoyed Taylor’s post on how to dress like Mic Jagger this weekend.

Mango (my favorite) has up to 50% off | The most fun,, has some really nice deals for your summer mood | Zara sales are always worth a peek | Up to 25% off summer must-haves from Madewell | COS has up to 50% off! Good for basics and swim | Extra 50% off sale items at the comfiest Lou and Grey | Anthro is doing the same | A solid sale at Need Supply with up to 50% off | Up to 30% off at that one store we go into for one thing and end up leaving with 50 from, aka Target


Well… this was fun. Until next time!


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