Frequently Asked Questions


who designed this website / what platform do you use?

I, Natalie, am the sole designer of this website. The current platform is Squarespace, and so far, it's been the best ever! Preferred over Wordpress, typepad, and Blogger. My friend Kelly wrote up a pretty great post about why Squarespace rocks - check it out to learn more.

can you tell me how you designed your website and what template you used?

I did not follow a specific template on Squarespace, but rather spent months customizing and coding my website and designed each page from the blank option. I put a lot of hard work into this site and do not feel comfortable giving away all my secrets! If you're not into the templates provided by Squarespace, you may be surprised to know that there are thousands of ways to customize and design a site that is right for you and that ends up looking nothings like the original template! PS. I'm a freelance designer and could always help out!

how do you design your post graphics?

I design everything using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I gained a lot of graphic design knowledge through my college majors, but still rely on Google and YouTube to get the job done sometimes! There are plenty of great resources to help you learn more even if you're not design-savvy.

do you accept guest writers or submissions?

At this time, this blog is very personal and near and dear to my heart. It's a space that I want to keep entirely my own for now. However, sometimes I do request guest posts from bloggers I love while I'm out of town and simply can't dedicate time to producing content.

do you use affiliate links?

Yes. I'm a part of several affiliate programs. Affiliate links are found through out this blog and I do receive a very small compensation when you click around or shop products found from my site. However, all commission earned goes right back into my website expenses and helps fuel content for me to share with you. Thank you for shopping through this space!

can i share a post or copy a design if i reference you as designer?

By all means, please share my content! I love when it's tweeted, linked to, or pinned. However, please always use an explicit link back to original content and mention my name. Please do not copy my designs. If you'd like to produce something similar, please contact me beforehand, as I'd rather you design something entirely your own - these things can get messy.

do you do sponsored posts?

Most of the time, no. However, I'm very open to working with brands that fall into my aesthetic. Especially if it's a brand I adore and use myself! All sponsored posts will be labeled as such.

do you do collaborations?

Absolutely! Again, as long as styles align and I totally dig the content, I'm open to working with companies, brands, and even other bloggers on collaborations. Let's get in touch!

do you accept samples to share and write about?

I love receiving free samples (who doesn't?), but unless you've reached to me directly and discussed a post in exchange for free products, please do not assume that I will share what you've sent to me. I love sharing items on my Instagram too and am always open to working with brands to get their content out to my readers and audience. 

do you blog full-time?

Wouldn't that be nice? While I wish it were so, nope! I have a full-time job as a government consultant in Washington, DC. My free time is spent doing free time things and running the show on this blog. Basically, it's a second job. Believe it or not, this thing takes a lot of work!!!