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Outdoor Oasis, on Natalie Catalina

Hello, friends! I'm back from vacation and in full work mode again. I spent a week at the beach with my family and it was so nice and relaxing, with perfect sunny weather. I didn't share to Insta stories, barely opened my laptop (aside from work work I had to do in mornings), and spent hours on the beach with salty hair. I ate lots of ice cream and did a whole lot of nothing. What could be better? I've got a good two months until my next getaway, so I'm definitely ready to get back into a routine and just be here for a bit. All the summer air got to me and I started envisioning an adorable little patio area - which, unfortunately is nonexistent at my apartment - but a girl can dream...

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1. Dani Pom-Pom Patio Umbrella   2. White Ceramic Shell Planter Bowl   3. Vintage Wicker Pendant Lights   4. Goober Candles   5. Mid-Century Vintage Polished White Ceramic Planters   6. Bamboo Rattan Lacquered Round Dining Table   7. Rattan Wicker Plant Stand   8. Recycled Glass Carafe   9. Vintage Mexican Candelabra   10. Vintage Mexican White Cockatoo   11. Recycled Glass Tumblers   12. Isla Woven Seagrass Tray   13. Lorena Canals Rambla Tufted Rug   14. Vintage Pair of White Spun Fiberglass Club Chairs


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Moodboard, on Natalie Catalina

Curves, blue, summer.

It's been a hot minute since I've done a moodboard, and doing so made me very happy. I love creating digital boards when I'm feeling really inspired. I've noticed a theme over on my Pinterest and had to pull together a few images. Having the ocean outside my window right now has me feeling all those blue summer vibes.

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