Recent Temptations
Recent Temptations on Natalie Catalina

Some things I’m seriously considering.

You guys, thank you so much for your Insta DMs, emails, and comments regarding the refreshed space. I’m loving it so much and feeling so good about it.. I have lots of goods I want to share on the blog and even some personal musings and updates I hope to get up soon. It makes me so happy to know that you all are loving the blog update as much as I am! And huge thank you for all the support on my decision to start over on Instagram… not that I thought anyone really cared, but it’s good to know we are feeling similar about the platform. I’m ready to hop back in and use it more intentionally without letting numbers hinder the love I used to have for it and all the amazing brands, people, and inspirations I found there. Sometimes a fresh start does the trick. Anyways, a few things I’ve wanted to share with you lately.

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1. Jasmin Sparrow Mermaid Earrings 2. Jaggar Meadow Houndstooth Slides 3. Georgia Jay Baby Umbra Bag 4. Elan Atelier Tree Table Lamp 5. Beauty Pie Super Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

8 Vintage Magazine Racks
8 Vintage Magazine Racks to Snag on Natalie Catalina

A few favorite magazine racks from my all-time favorite Chairish.

I’ve had these babies bookmarked on Chairish for weeks and hoping you all will snag them so I don’t have to start a ridiculous collection of magazine racks that I don’t need. I’m swooning over these styles and recently snagged my own gorgeous baby. I love bringing in funky and cool styles through little accessories like this. Such a fun way to add a bit of character to your space.


1. Bamboo and Rattan Magazine Rack 2. Vintage Mid-Century Modern Magazine Rack 3. Vintage Mid-Century Round Rattan Magazine Rack 4. 1920s Edwardian Three Tier Brass Easel Magazine Rack 5. 19th C. Vintage Victorian Mahogany 2 Tier Canterbury 6. 1960s Danish Modern Wooden Magazine Rack 7. Mid-Century Space Age Black Metal Magazine Rack 8. 1960s Boho Chic Rattan Magazine Stand

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