Stocking Stuffers

Catalina Creative Stocking Stuffers

1. Notebook: Field Notes $9 / 2. Floral Botanical Print $20 / 3. The Horse Rose Gold Watch $1294. Ring Dish $265. Italian Ribbons $96. Toothbrushes $127. Leather Phone Wallet $528. Crystal Posy Studs $289. Warby Parker $14210. Loren Hope Hex Link Bracelet $8811. Dillon's Bitters $15.96

Perk up people, it's Friday! And a quick post was in order. A collection of quirky, fun, and charming items to fill a Christmas stocking this holiday. Sometimes it's fun to go with items a bit less traditional, like pretty ribbons, cocktail mixers, and Etsy finds!


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Natalie Catalina