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1. Apricot Oversized Blazer $45 / 2. Vintage Cotton Tee $29.50 / 3. New York Diaries Book $12.50 / 4. Classy Sheffield Watch $149 / 5. J.Crew Boyfriend Jean $125 / 6. Loeffler Randall Rio Runner Sneaker $295 / 7. Universal Charger $39.50 / 8. Truffle Privacy Clutch $54 / 9. Madewell Weekender $298

Happy Monday ya'll. Only 4 days until Christmas! And for those who are packing their bags up to visit family and friends across the world, I've put together a travel post with all things chic and comfy. We'll be hosting Christmas this year for our big family so I'm a bit excited to stay home for the day and enjoy it all. But after the holiday is complete, our family packs up and heads to our Florida condo for a few days. I'm a big fan of traveling comfortable, but sometimes we ladies just want to look cute. Am I right? I adore this cozy blazer (at a great price) and am smitten with these pretty sneakers from LR. And still admiring the Madewell Weekender bag...perhaps a New Years gift to myself?

Let's hope these last couple work days fly by for us still in the office! For those already enjoying their time off, hope you're staying warm and enjoying time with the ones you love!


PS! For the last minute shoppers (cough, cough)....

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