2015 To Do List

Catalina Creative 2015

A few resolutions to ring in the new year. Thanks again for the wonderful comments and notes from a year in blogging. I can't wait to be inspired by all of you this year and I continue to be eternally grateful for all your support. A big, loving welcome to anyone new joining me for the ride!


On another note

I received an email asking about whether readers who do not have blogs can comment. The answer is a resounding yes (to anyone else wondering the same thing). Simply write your comment, fill in the information under "pick a name" and submit! You also have the option of posting as a guest.

A simple, subtle refresh on the blog - new header and side bar, along with a cleaned up "about" page. Smells like clean linen fresh from the dryer up in here! Now let's hope I can get my act together with the print shop.

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