photo via tumblr, source unknown. Help me find it!

Hello peoples. Ahhh...#humpday is here... Friday sounds better, don't you think? I wanted to take a break from the curated posts for a quick powwow. Yes, I did change a few things here. I felt that Catalina Creative needed a Spring refresh, things were too dark! Cue the peach additions to each page, The Print Shop, the FB Page and Twitter. It's so hard for me to settle, but you guys know that.  I have fun changing things up! I think I'm really adoring it this way though.

I have a few things to share. New prints, mugs, pillows, etc. have been added to The Print Shop at CCNew handwritten items that I'm quite smitten with myself! More paintings to come soon, as well. I also wanted to mention that I'll be doing my first Print Shop giveaway at the end of the month! And with multiple winners! Woo.

On another note, I added a new series to Catalina Creative. Did you catch it yesterday? A "get the look" type of post in a category called Style Steal. See Miranda's fabulous floral pants and snag some of your own!

New amazing, floral, pastel, and feminine styles have been added to the Style Guide on the blog. Get your shopping fix here.

Lastly (but certainly, not least), I have two exciting things coming up! Catalina Creative is growing, new guest posts and features are in the feature. Can't wait to share when the time comes :)

Cheers! Natalie


photo via tumblr, source unknown...help me find it!

Natalie Catalina