Pretty Things

1. JCrew Everly Suede Pumps in Pink, 2. "Be Lovely" Print from my shop, 3. Champagne French Velvet Ribbon, 4. Anthropologie Pocket Diary

Happy Easter loves! This weekend has been a great one. Some time spent with my guy on friday. And saturday I had so much fun meeting Chelsea! We met up in Georgetown and had a delicious brunch at J.Paul's, then it was off to the shops. I was so happy to finally meet this girl and loved that we clicked right away! It's wonderful to build great friendships through the blog community. We were both very disappointed in ourselves that we took NO pictures, not even an instagram. Epic fail on our part.

We spent some time at J.Crew where I tried on the Everly pumps that I've been eyeing for literally months and months. I'm not sure if it was the gorgeous vivid pink perfection placed upon my tanned feet or the fact that Chelsea was fully supporting a decision to snag them while they were under $200 (which never happens btw), but I did it. I bought them. She's probably laughing at this because I'm still feeling a bit guilty. But come on, they're perfect. I just keep telling myself that :) Definitely my most favorite pair of shoes I've EVER OWNED.

I've also been running across a few pretty things lately, including this velvet ribbon from Sara Kate Studios and this lovely little notebook from Anthropologie. And a shameless little plug of my own "Be Lovely" print from the shop. I just purchased it myself and hope to find a fabulous gold frame to place it in. It's also available as a pillow, tote, and more!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! What are your Easter plans? Enjoy them whatever they may be.

Cheers! Natalie


Natalie Catalina