Happy New Year everyone! I'm a little delayed on this, I know. But after a night of lots of bubbly and friends celebrating, then heading back to work, I needed to focus on sleeping and laying down. Lots of laying down. I'm not about resolutions. I have no intentions of sharing resolutions that I know I won't keep. No promises on dieting or exercising on the reg. I simply CANNOT commit to that. But I would love to share some more personal thoughts about this year. Sorry for all the wording, but I'm hoping some of you read through!

2013 has been rough. I can't lie. 23 is probably one of the hardest years for most young adults. I'm almost 2 years out of college. All my friends are scattered...different cities and even states apart. I'm navigating my life, but somehow feel stuck. I'm still not sure where I want to be, and I'm anxious to find out where I end up. I'm still deciding on what I want to do with my career. I was ecstatic when I received my first promotion in September, after being at my company for one year. I met amazing people to work with and I've learned so much along the way. I know there's more out there for me and am excited for new beginnings. I'm still figuring things out and hoping that one day I'll wake up and everything will just happen. Wouldn't that be nice?

I moved out of my parents' home, and into my own row house downtown. And then I moved out of my row house downtown, and back into my parents' new home. I have no regrets about this. I was very happy to be on my own and supporting myself 100%, but with a desire to move into DC and a need to save money, I really was desperate to spend a few months saving without worrying about rent. I learned a lot while living alone, and I highly encourage all young women to do so at least once in their lives! But I have to say, it's glorious not worrying about money for the time being. This has also been my third year with my boyfriend, and I couldn't be more happy about it. I only met him 3 years ago, but I'm happy to say that he really has become my best friend. And no matter where we end up in the future, I hope our relationship remains close. We've been through a lot of ups and downs this year, and navigating our jobs, where we want to live, who we want to live with, and all the other drama that comes with age 23, just made things harder. But I'm glad we've stuck together and become closer for it.

This year was also very challenging for my closest gfs. A broken engagement, law school, med school, moving, break-ups, new jobs, promotions, new hookups, new boyfriends, moving in with boyfriends...ahhh the life of a young adult. I'm so happy that I have the best girlfriends from elementary, middle, high school, and college. And I'm even more happy that we've stuck together and stayed close - I don't know what I'd do with out them!! It's so crazy watching us all grow up and struggling to become functioning adults. With that being said. One of my favorite things about this year is 100% starting DosesofDesign.com.

It has been an incredible outlet for me, and it's so fun running through all my old posts and catching up with myself. It's fun to see how it's evolved and how it's made me grow as a creative mind. I'm so very thankful to all my followers both old and new (A HUGE thank you to those who have followed from the beginning). I hope you all have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my posts. I cannot believe I have over 2600 followers from wordpress, bloglovin, email subscriptions and FB in 8 months, I'm overwhelmed with the love I've received. I'm excited to see where this thing takes me! I've realized that most of my latest posts have been all product. I forget sometimes that I started this blog as an outlet. As a place to WRITE! Because that's what I loved doing and that's what I missed most at the time. I hope to continue my regular posts, but also to remember that sometimes it's ok to get personal here and tell stories. After all, this space belongs to me and me alone. So why not?

Now that I've rambled on about how this year went, I'm hoping for so much more in 2014. I'm not afraid to admit that this year wasn't all that exciting and I'm ready for fresh starts, new relationships, new career opportunities, new cities, and a new place to call home! In 2014, rather than making any promises, I just want to do better and work harder. I hope to worry less about life and the future, and just take each day as it comes and appreciate it for what it is. I hope to find myself this year, because the truth is I really haven't yet. I'm so excited for a new start, and although the past can't be erased, I'm ready to focus solely on the present and what's ahead. Sometimes I forget how young 23 really is, and I hope to keep in mind how much time I have to grow up.

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Here's to 2014. 

cheers, natalie

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