Dining with Anthropologie


Featured Items: Jardin Des Plantes tea set $16-68Vika Sky flatware $48Jardin Des Plantes dinnerware $14-$24Copper-Plated serving set $24Fringed placemat $23Blue Point placemats $88

Happy Saturday, and what a beautiful one it is here in DC!! The sun is shining, and we're getting a high of 60... quite an improvement from all the snow and frigid weather. I plan on spending the day in the city with my cousin. What are you all up to?

Aren't these Anthropologie pieces the best? There's plenty more where these came from. Click here for more from Anthropologie's dining and entertainment section. My newest blog friend, Chelsea, recently posted an instagram of the beautiful dinnerware, which inspired me to investigate further. The designers behind the brand always get it right. I could easily fill a kitchen with all this blue, white & gold perfection. Which are your favorite pieces?

cheers, natalie

Natalie Catalina