Furnished | Black, Brass & White


lamp | table | sofa

I realized that as the year has gone on, I've become more and more inclined to do a fashion/style post. I originally started this blog as a home design site and although it's evolved into something much bigger - I still have a major love for interior design and decorating. So I've realized that I need to step up my game in the home decor area... therefore, I did some browsing. I've been craving these pieces that I recently pinned to my "shop" board. How charming and clean are they? I'd love to be able to afford these furnishings for an apartment painted white. This is definitely my next color palette moving forward. So chic and sophisticated. I love anything brass for a charming look, and black and white for a simple space. Officially added to my home wishlist. 

cheers, natalie

Natalie Catalina