I'm leaving for Florida on Wednesday morning and couldn't be more excited about it. All the ladies in my family, my aunts and cousins, my step sister and mother, are all heading to Disney for a couple of days, then to our Vero Beach condo over the long weekend. I'm so ready for a vacation and a quick escape from this freezing, gloomy, wet weather. I'm even more ready for Disney World. It really never gets old for me. My posts will be slow this week as I plan to actually be on vacation. No work is to be done!

Hoping for beautiful weather, although the temperature is supposed to remain in the 60s. Womp. At least the palm trees and sunshine will still be out, so that's good enough for me! I've been to Disney so many times in my life and am lucky for that. My mom invested in a time share a couple of years back and we've taken full advantage. Even just staying at resorts without having to experience the Disney parks is a usual perk for us. But this round we are ABSOLUTELY going all out Disney World. It really is an amazing place. Although I've experience every inch of Disney by now, I'm very open to my readers' suggestions or favorite spots around the parks! So please feel free to share any. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and rest of your week.

cheers, natalie

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