photo via Celine-Chloe

This week, Chelsea, of Chelsea and the City, tagged me in a fun Q&A post! I love getting to know the people behind the blogs I love most, so this was enjoyable. It's something to do to get a little more personal and take a break from the regular fashion, decor, or lifestyle posts. And in a time when lots of bloggers seem to be in need of some inspiration, this may help! And don't forget to check out Chelsea's as well! Her post design is perfect.

I'm tagging these lovely ladies - Victoria of Oh So Pretty, Ashley of Minck, Mara of M Loves M, Ashlyn of Let it be Beautiful, and all my readers! Comment below with your answers if you feel like joining the fun. I love getting to know you all as well! :)

cheers, natalie

Natalie Catalina