To All the Haters


Items: Wraparound Cardigan $79.00Long-Sleeve Sailor-Stripe Tee $49.50835 Cropped Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans $155.00Refined D'Orsay Flats $22.80Versatile Faux Leather Tote $27.80Porter

Hello, Friday... This week has been a bit tough. Yesterday, I received my first "hater" comment since I began my blog last April. I'm so thankful to the good friends who talked to me and really reinstated the true reasons that I blog. I was also surprised to hear that others have experienced this type of negativity on their sites too. I've been posting the same type of things and designs for months and months and I shouldn't have to change now. It's getting harder to be 100% original when we all blog about the same things...

I guess what I'm most disappointed about is that there are bloggers out there that can't just be supportive of each other. While I was emailing with other blog friends, one of them said something that really made me happy and think twice. That I blog for myself and for me alone, and I shouldn't have to change anything for anyone. 

I recently read from Fabulous K, her "Get Your Blogging Mojo Back" post, and it really helped me in a time when I needed encouragement to keep doing what I love! Kelly (of Fabulous K) mentioned - Blog for yourself FIRST.  This blog is just for fun, I already have my full time job, so it truly is something I do for myself. Sure the amount of comments, likes, page views are all great (obviously!), but I really just do it because I love the whole process of the thing. If others happen to love my site and check back here each week...AWESOME! That being said, I'm hoping to get back to a place where I'm excited to blog and not worry about what people think! Maybe a good weekend with those that I love will lift my spirits! 

I also couldn't leave with out a quick outfit post. I'm craving this gorgeous sweater from Zara to throw over a loose tee and some skinnies. This week will get mildly warmer, so I may be able to get away with a sweatshirt and no jacket! Wouldn't that be nice? I also finally got my hands on the first issue of Porter mag, and it's amazing. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to always stay true to yourself and the things you love and blog for you and you alone! The others will follow :) 

cheers, natalie

Natalie Catalina