Weekend Moments in NYC


Hello everyone! For those that missed yesterday's post, please check it out for updates on my new site. As you can see Doses of Design has moved and my site is has been updated with new features and updated designs and pages. 

Thought I'd share some weekend moments from my time in New York! I had so much fun with my family up there for a couple of days. Lots of shopping accomplished (duh) and lots of site seeing for my siblings who have never been. We had an awesome view of Time Square from our usual hotel of choice - The Marriot. I have to admit, although I enjoy the bright lights of NYC's famous little spot, I really do prefer to travel outside of Time Square. So much quieter (for New York City that is...).

We spent Saturday shopping and hanging out in Time Square. We came back for a quick nap and shower then went to dinner and caught the evening show of Cinderella. It was great. Fran Drescher played the step mother and added little snippets from her "Nanny" days, the audience ate it up..as did I. Definitely suggest you see it if you're in the city!  Sunday was spent getting an early start to Central Park. We ate breakfast at Europa Cafe on 7th, then headed a couple blocks over to grab a horse and buggy for a nice little stroll around the park. It was freezing. But always well worth it. Then, ofcourse, we did more shopping along 5th Ave. I took a quick peak into The Plaza - one of my absolute favorites and really enjoyed popping in and out of my favorite designers.

I obviously went a little Instagram crazy, but I really fall in love with the architecture in NY everytime I go and there's so much inspiration to draw from the city. Check out more of my photos on my Instagram.  It wasn't a long weekend at all, and I was fine with that. I love NYC, but can't take too much of it. DC is big enough for me....and I miss fresh air and having ..well..space. Although, I LOVE visiting the city!  Hoping you all have a quick and easy work week! And that you're enjoying my new site :) Be sure to check out the new Catalogue and Style Guide.

cheers, natalie