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I want to wake up at the Four Seasons on a fog filled morning in Paris, where the light comes through my curtains in the most perfect way to say "Hello." I'll spend time in bed reading Le Monde and eating croissants until the sun peaks through. Then change and head out for some time around the city. Visiting the Louvre, The Tuileries, the Eiffel Tower and of course, shopping the most stylish designers in the world. Then my love and I would dress up for a night out and wander the cobblestone streets under the romance and lights through the city of love. Until we find the perfect little spot for dinner and drinks under the stars, with wine in hand.



Spring • Early May


A flirty black dress • The perfect black Givenchy sandals • A trench • A stylish hat • Comfortable stripes • Bowtied Flats • The necessary satchel


Other Notes + Thank Yous:

I must give my appreciation to you lovely people for putting up with all my site changes and tweaks! Since I decided to take on blog/website design as freelance work outside of my full time job, I felt it necessary to move through all the major platforms and learn each one. I'm finally at my end point at Squarespace and couldn't be happier about the way things have turned out, it's been so fun designing here and learning all the elements. I'm very ready to help others with their websites now! And yes, that should mean no more changes to designs here on pages or the blog. Pages have been refreshed and updated, be sure to check About and The Style Guide. I'm sticking with this one folks!

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cheers, natalie

photos can be found via my pinterest