Life Lately


In an effort to catch you up on life lately, here's what's going on. These things have been making me so happy this week!

Loeffler Randal Marmy Sandal: I'm seriously obsessed with these sandals. I love how they make scallops a bit more edgy rather than feminine and chic. I could definitely use these for Italy, don't you think? That's basically my excuse for all purchases lately.

New Business Cards: My first set of cards from Moo went quickly. I made a small order my first time around because I wasn't sure about the design. This time, I'm keeping things simple, like my website. I also plan on doing my own DIY gold edging, since this can get pretty pricey! Inspired by Camille StylesI recommend Moo for simple designs on a budget.

Holiday Magazine: It's back, after 37 years and it's better than ever! The magazine was renowned for its gorgeous layouts and photography. This time around, it's bringing adventure back through fashion and reporting and I can't wait to get my hands on it! 

Current Design Work: I've been over the moon about all the requests I've gotten lately for design work. I'm so happy that you guys are thinking of me! I'm working to update The Studio now and am so excited to share everything with you once they're complete. Feel free to reach out for anything!

The Print Shop Giveaway: The giveaway is still happening and I'm so happy you all have entered! It also made me smile to see some people comment who haven't before! It's good to know that I have some silent readers out there. I've also had a wonderful amount of people purchase my Pineapple print, so thanks again for all the support and love. If you don't win something, there's still FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE until the 11th!

Pinterest Lately: Pinterest has been on point lately. I've been so inspired and loving all the gorgeous photos that have been popping up. Follow along here. I consider myself a professional pinner. items in the shop!

Natalie Catalina