Rita Konig's Manhattan Home


There's something so wonderful about a home that seems out of its element. That's how I felt about Rita's Manhattan apartment. A truly charming place to call home. With its eclectic vibe, mix of modern and vintage elements, its countryside styled wallpaper in the bedroom, the fresh blooms through out each and every corner....it's the coziest little thing I've seen in NYC!


I can imagine days here by the fireside in winter, or cozied up in bed with a book on a rainy day, or hot summers with the breeze running through. It's so perfect and I'd love to move in as it is. There's something endearing about the clutter and personal little touches all over each room. Especially loving the furniture and her perfectly styled gallery walls.


How beautiful is her little bedroom? Can you even imagine such a sweet little home in the middle of the big city???? This place is right up my alley. And fireplace that isn't electric! How lovely... 

I hope to one day own a little place and make it just as perfectly homey and comfortable. See more photos of her home here

What's your favorite thing about this cozy New York home?


Natalie Catalina