photo via  Surfing Magazine , graphic by natalie catalina.

photo via Surfing Magazine, graphic by natalie catalina.

I'm welcoming August with open arms. It's my absolute favorite month. To some it might mean the end of a glorious summer, but for me it's a month of wrapping up a fabulous couple months with a great vacation and a time to prepare for a fresh start. After all, isn't that what Fall is for? There are several reasons to adore one of the best months of the year, this one, in particular, is going to be extra noteworthy.  To name a few talking points....

One. Our family trip to Bethany Beach. Though it may not be Palm Springs, I adore this vacation and look forward to it every year. A yearly getaway with the entire family, all 13 cousins and 8 adults, plus a few tag alongs - the boyfriends, the girlfriends, the family friends. My mother and her siblings went with our grandparents ever since they were young and I'm so happy to keep the tradition going so many years later. I'll always keep this time of year close to my heart. Fingers crossed that at least a couple of us can carry this on. Here's to a full week of ocean swims, laughter, late days lounging in the sand, boardwalk strolls, ice cream, and bourbon slushies. And perhaps a bit of family drama - it wouldn't be the same with out it!

Two. Moving! In two weeks I'll be packing up the truck and leaving my parents house (round 2) for a new apartment in Rosslyn. A quick 15 minute walk across the bridge into Georgetown and a short taxi or metro into the heart of DC. A rooftop with a view of the National Mall, the Potomac, and DC greenery. Hardwood floors. And a fresh start. I'm completely stressed out about money and packing and finding a great roommate, but I'm incredibly excited to be even closer to my friends, the city, and to decorate! (duh)

Three. Celebrating a fun shower for my fabulous cousin and his new wife today! My cousin John met the love of his life while in the Peace Corps in Madagascar a few years ago. It's been a long journey, but they're BOTH in the USA and starting their life together here in DC and we couldn't be happier to have them! Woo!

Four. Not as important, but still very essential. Time to stock up on autumn sweaters. There's nothing I love more than sweater season and warming up in stylish stripes or cozy knits. While summer is my favorite, I'm all about Fall fashion, and I can't wait for the nights to get a bit cooler and crisp later this month. 

Five. Starting over. For many of us, Fall is the start of something new. While I'm no longer in school, my "new year" always starts in September. It's definitely a time to refresh and begin again. I love getting reorganized, setting new goals, and making new plans during this time of year. And I have a few items to list for the months ahead!

Six. Endings. August can be the stop to lots of wonderful things. Like the summer fling that taught you how to love or the friends you met that taught you who you are. The ultimate vacation where you spent three months abroad or maybe the three months waitressing tables at a beachside grill. The last few days to soak up that little bit of late evening sun. There's something endearing about these things, and knowing that summer is slipping away makes me appreciate the month even more.

What are your August plans?

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