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Catalina Creative Glamorous Furnishings

1. Queen Bee Finials $58.00, 2. Ivory Madeleine Candles $17.00, 3. Scallop Gold Leaf Mirror $299.00, 4. Society Social Ticking Stripe Black Pillow $64.00, 5. ABD El Kader Matches $12.00, 6. Sara Kate Studios Gilded Apothecary Candle $35.00, 7. The Paris Market Vintage Sugar Bowl $15.00, 8. Brass Tray, Gold $125.00, 9. Anne Velvet Day Chaise, Key Lime $2,599.00

While I may not necessarily adorn my own home in this glamorous style, I adore it under many circumstances. Such as, if I had my own Paris apartment or when I'm lucky enough to stay at an amazing hotel while traveling, one full of velvet cushions, chandeliers, and perfectly elegant decor. After spotting this gorgeous chaise lounge on One King's Lane, I had to build a post around it. Filled with all things brass and little tidbits of "pretty." Sometimes a girl just needs to be absolutely glamorous and feminine.


ps. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and notes. They mean the world to me. While it's hard to put my personal life on here when things go wrong, it's comforting to know how supportive we are of each other, and that I have tons of "friends" to offer advice and send good vibes my way. When the time is right, I hope to have the confidence and strength to share more with you. But for now, let's enjoy a good interior decor post ;)

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