At Home With Heather Clawson

At Home with Heather Clawson on Catalina Creative

For as long as I've been blogging, I've been reading Habitually Chic, a beautiful interior design blog that always leaves me inspired. So, when I was browsing through my archives of saved home tours, I thought I'd share this one from the blog's owner Heather Clawson. I've noticed a trend in my home tours here. They're always eclectic spaces, usually ones with a single person living there, decorated flawlessly in a small apartment. I guess I'm drawn to these because they're what I'd love for myself in another year or two. I'd love to come home to a space like this. Covered in artwork and collected finds. A place that's well lived in and cozy. Check out the rest of the home tour over on One Kings Lane.

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