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Blog With Purpose on Catalina Creative

Remember that one time when I started a Q&A series, but never continued it? Well here we are! After that post, I received several comments and questions for topics moving forward. I went back to my notes and picked this one from the bunch. I felt like it related well to this recent blog post, so it'd be a good one to focus on.

I must admit that I'm not sure I have any authority to be dishing out advice on how to run a blog with purpose or how to create an authentic space. I've been blogging for a little over two years, I'm no expert. That's really nothing compared to the big names we read about every day. I've made plenty of mistakes on this space.. ones that I speak against in my graphic above! But I thought I'd do my best in sharing the tips I try to keep for myself, things I try to remember when I'm creating posts. As mentioned before, I'm only just starting to really feel like this blog is 100% me. And I'm still learning to create that authentic space every day!

I've been working to create better blog posts, ones designed by me and not borrowed from others, ones that share things I haven't seen elsewhere. I've devoted this space to "frivolity, style, and other stories." And I stand by that. This space is just for fun. A light-hearted blog with the one purpose of sharing stuff I love in a beautiful way. Now that I know my purpose, and it's taken me a couple years to get here, I think Catalina Creative is finally starting to reflect a space of genuinness and consistency. It's a process, but one I think can be successful if you follow these steps. If there's any advice I can give in blogging that I've learned along the way, it is to be authentic. If you're struggling to create your own work, just know that you can do better. And I promisssssse, you'll feel so much more excited about the work you're doing.

Please send or leave me questions in the comments below about fashion, travel, blogging, living, being 25, whatever(!), and I'll plan to share it in an upcoming Q&A!

Natalie Catalina