House of Brinson


Among my favorite Instagrams and blogs is the ever-so-beautiful House of Brinson. The couple behind the site are rich with design, food, photography, and entertaining. They create this blog together, along with their gorgeously curated Instagram account. My favorite part about it? Their newly renovated home, which is appropriately named "Stonyford." Doesn't the sound of it just seem so dreamy? If you're not already doing it, you must follow their renovation adventures as they take you from room to room, wall to wall, sharing little detailed moments, and perfect scenes of their pup laying around the halls.

Can you imagine the snowfall outside the gorgeous windows during a cold December day? Or dining alfresco on their patio during a warm summer evening? The look of it is eery and charming all at once - especially the photos of it against a foggy morning backdrop. My favorite movie home is the one from Time Traveler's Wife. Do you know of it? This reminds me of it with it's decor and personality. I adore the hardwood floors against the dark, dated walls. The coziness of it all. The history and elegance. A space that screams of antiquity and holds stories from the past. I can't help but love it.

Natalie Catalina