Cool, Calm, + Collected

Catalina Creative Cool Calm Collected
Casual cool vibes for my nonexistent second apartment.

You know when you've decorated your entire room, but find hundreds of other items that you want to redecorate it with. I think I could redecorate my space over and over again.

After seeing Amy's post about her redecorated apartment and this chair that she shared. I was completely inspired to pull together a new furnished post. I'm a bit obsessed with this one and long for each and every object. I love casual vibes with extra charm, cool colors, and dark textures mixed together to create a cozy, peaceful space.


sks horn trinket box $36   /   black ball lamp $198   /   Modigliani, "Christina" portrait $389   /   ojai mirror $395   /   poca coral on marble base $189   /   nautilus $189   /   labrador pup figurine $65   /   riva square tray $119   /   moroccan leather pouf $450   /   mojito tweed pillow $92   /   antonio linen dining chair $1329

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