The Summer House

The Summer House for Catalina Creative

We all have a summer house dreamed up in our minds, no? With most likely a fully detailed layout and decor style. I'm not the only one! I know it. I imagine mine would include lots of clean lines, white pieces, textures, and a mix of old and new. My summer house differs from my dream beach house (naturally). It feels like June, is perfectly simple, and is prone to cocktail hours and endless evenings lit by candlelight.

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One: Flynn Single Wall Sconce  |  Two: Danzig Flat Weave Rug  |  Three: Tennis Couple by Tom Kelley  |  Four: Lanai Mirror  |  Five: Bamboo Cabinet Knobs  |  Six: Shell Sauce Dish  |  Seven: Bone-handled Cheese Spreaders  |  Eight: Tennis Racket  |  Nine: Puerto Stool  |  Ten: American Modern Book  |  Eleven: Ikat Pillow Cover  |  Twelve: Brahms Mount Multistripe Throw  |  Thirteen: Water Hyacinth Basket

Natalie Catalina