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This past weekend I was working on a guest blog post, answering questions about my style. I thought it'd be a good opportunity for a new series on my blog. A simple way to share some personal posts and answers to questions that my own readers ask. Things you want to know. And if not, feel free to skip over these ;) I'd love to kick this off with a question that seems to always be included in blog interviews - How would you describe your personal style and what are your go-to pieces in your closet?

I love this question because the answer is always the same for me. Though my style definitely evolves over time, it's obvious that my favorite pieces remain my favorite pieces. If I had to describe my personal style, I would say it involves feminine lines, classic items, and simple colors. My closet is by no means exciting to walk into. It's painted with blacks, whites, neutrals, greys, and dark blues. But I truly believe in more is less and sticking to the basics when it comes to building a wardrobe.

Buy pieces that go with anything, a classic button down, a striped top, a white tee. Build a closet that's interchangeable. A shirt that can be worn with several different bottoms. Of course I do purchase fun, colorful, and patterned tops every now and then - when I really love them - but they do get old after some time. Trust me when I say you won't wear that $100 floral top over and over again. Simplicity is easier and cheaper! When it comes to shoes - I go crazy. I keep the clothes simple and save my money for a fabulous pair of sandals, heels, or flats - in any color, texture, pattern, and style - to add some detailing. Different shoes with the same pieces can create an entirely different outfit!

And now, a very basic chart of the essentials every girl should own:

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