At Home With Jessika Goranson

At Home with Jessika Goranson for Catalina Creative

Hello lovelies. How was your weekend? I spent mine in DC, super relaxed and getting sh*t done around the blog. This week was quite the busy one with the Pope's visit and then Landmark Fest along The Mall, but I was very content to spend it at home or working from Georgetown to avoid the chaos of it all! I've also thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous weather, Fall is definitely making an appearance here with our cooler evenings. Dare I say it's scarf weather? I may be rushing it, but I just can't wait for boots and sweaters! By the way, if you don't often visit the homepage, I suggest you pop over for a new fun welcome!

Anyways, I stumbled across this home tour on Lonny and fell in love. I adore small homes that are transformed into chic habitats,

filled with collected items and scenes of a well lived-in space. I swoon as I flip through images of Jessika Goranson's little apartment. There's something so romantic about a New York abode that's cozy in size, but decorated amazingly. I love eclectic homes that really embrace the whole "mix and match" thing. This one is no exception. From the furniture, to the art, to the small details scattered across's perfect! My favorite room? Of course the living area with it's stacked ginger jars, artwork, and the gorgeous fireplace scene. Can you imagine resting up on the leather sofa with a fire going on a cool evening? The thought of it makes me anxious for a new home scene and a fresh start in a new city! Here are a few items I'd love to snag to get the look.


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