Kitchen Haul

Kitchen Haul on Natalie Catalina

Lately, I've been on a bar and kitchen haul. So many goods are catching my eye for a future barcart or kitchen shelves. Living in an apartment with roommates makes me want to wait for my own place before I start purchasing things for a kitchen. But sometimes I can't help it! I must admit that I've collected these few goods for a future apartment all to myself! Minus the Smeg toaster, which I'm definitely keeping in mind. Among my favorites is the "I Know How to Cook" book. I look at it often, studying recipes and admiring the illustrations. The pineapple shot glasses are also awesome - mainly because they look gorgeous on a shelf and act as decor as well. Why shouldn't your kitchen goods be super chic?


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1. Smeg Toaster   •   2. Jack Rudy Tonic   •   3. Hair of the Dog Cocktail Napkins   •   4. Fleur De Lis Glasses   •   5. "I Know How to Cook" Book   •   6. Gold Pineapple Shot Glasses   •   7. The Chili Lab Chili Salt   •   8. Milk Glass Mixing Bowl Set   •   9. Bone Handled Cheese Spreaders   •   10. Truffle Honey

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