Back to Basics





I'm investing in better jeans and better shoes. Dropping more money on clothing and shoes is worth it people! Snag those every day flats from J.Crew, those Madewell jeans, those $100 sneakers for running and everyday wear, and solid colored tops to build a wardrobe that can be mixed up everyday. I swear, you'll always have something to wear when you shop this way.





With January here, I'm looking to cleanse my closet. It's the perfect time to let go of all those tops buried in our dressers and those pants that never see the light of day. This year, I'm making it a priority to shop smarter (and less often - if I can help it). As I grow older, I've learned that I'm all about those neutrals and dark blacks or blues. I'm a big fan of classic pieces. The black turtleneck, the white jeans, camel coats, a striped top, pointed-toe flats. You get it. And there's no better inspiration than the ladies on Pinterest.







When it comes to patterns...I grow sick of them very quickly. But when I need a little kick to my solid companions filling up my closet, I opt for the classic striped top or the plaid button down. You just can't go wrong with a little black and white, am I right?






I'm getting inspired by the leading ladies of the fashion blogosphere in their comfy neutral sweaters, black coats, white pants, and basic leather flats. See what other winter fashion I'm pinning here. Cheers to purging our closets, ladies!


Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was spent all in good fun with three nights out with friends, a lunch date with mom, and some good old couch laziness. Sunday was spent in bed all morning, then a quick trip to Georgetown for Madewell goodies and Dean and Deluca, the football game - sorry skins :( - a pasta dinner, and ended with the Golden Globes. Aren't Sundays the best? I'm ready to get back to the work week only to get to the weekend once again. With all the craziness this weekend, I wasn't able to get up a curated post, so today's comes to you straight from my Pinterest boards. Enjoy and follow along.


side note

My studio page is brand new for 2016. And completely refreshed and simplified. I haven't been very available (apologies) to do freelance work in the past few months. Life just got in the way! I'm hoping to get back to it in the coming year, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you're interested in working together. I promise to be better at answering emails too. Remember, frequent blog commenters get 15% off!