What to Wear No.21

What to Wear on Natalie Catalina

Hump day again! I'm pleasantly surprised with how quickly the work days seem to be flying by (knock on wood). I've been so busy lately, which I'm sure is the reason! As I wake up and get ready for work, I'm attempting to dress for a cooler morning... with an 84 degree high for the day. Cool!! But actually, not so much, because I was totally embracing crisp fall weather and autumn things. This outfit couldn't possibly fit for an Indian summer, but looks like temperatures will drop again after the weekend and we'll be back at it. So, I'm sharing with you guys anyways. I'm always obsessing over Zara coats..I mean it. Every single year, I must invest in at least one. They're just all so good, and you can find all of them here. This pink one caught my eye. I love the idea of it with a cute hat and scarf. I'm not ready for boots just yet, so still rocking my new Zara (I know, again) leather flats. I snagged these in both black and brown - so comfortable, I promise.


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1. Aster Tall Crown Panama Hat  /  2. Sharmila Fringe Scarf  /  3. Pale Pink Zara Coat  /  4. Vintage Straw Bag  /  5. Small Tassel Keychain  /  6. WP Lilia Eyeglasses  /  7. Cabinet of Natural Curiousities  /  8. Zara Pointy Leather Shoes