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Hostess with the Mostess on Natalie Catalina

The holidays are basically here!! It's that time of year again for traveling and hosting guests. Your wonderful families and friends will totally thank you and praise you for life after following these tips for being a fabulous host. I love the idea of providing a room for your guests that's basically right out of hotel service 101. Add a few personal touches like a vase full of fresh flowers and framed photographs as well! How do you prepare for your guests?

Have you noticed my holiday link!? Hope it's obvious enough that I've dedicated an entire page to the holidays this year. It's packed full of tips, links, and will house all my upcoming gift guides in one space for easy use. I'll also be hosting a big giveaway in a couple weeks that you do not want to miss. Is anyone else totally ready to get this show on the road? I love this time of year!!! Thought I could do without the freezing cold..unless there's snow. I love snow. Anyways, I also created a few new boards on my Pinterest with lots of gift ideas as well that you don't want to miss! Pin them now, buy them later.

I've also totally revived my Spotify account and want to share if more often with you guys! Follow along here.


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