Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays on Natalie Catalina

Dearest friends! Thank you all for such an amazing year and for being part of this adventure in blogging. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you all spending time here, no matter how short and sweet! Let's all take some time now to indulge in all the eggnog we possibly can, turn up the holiday tunes, eat delicious cookies, laugh and catch up with good friends and family. 

I'm excited to celebrate with family and then fly off to Florida for a week! And celebrate New Years back here with friends. In honor of the holidays, I'm tuning out until January. I need a break from my computer screen (and all screens for that matter) and want to spend my PTO really not doing any work at all...blogging included. I'll be snapping my Christmas and Florida adventures of course, so check in on my Instagram stories. So farewell for now and cheers to the most wonderful time of the year! I'll be back to posting on January 2 with a fresh beginning and clean slate. Aren't those nice? Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

PS. The giveaway winner will be announced next Thursday on the giveaway post and I'll reach out by email.

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