Old Film Favorites

Old Film Favorites on Natalie Catalina

This past weekend was wonderful. I had no plans! I went to a birthday dinner and out with a girlfriend on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was dedicated to me, myself, and I. I worked on freelance projects, went to museums, cooked my favorite foods, and took so many naps! But mostly, I spent my time watching movies in bed. With the holiday and then a telework Tuesday, I had plenty of time!

There are so many old time classics that I truly adore. Audrey Hepburn's films are my all-time favorites, but of course I love a little Grace Kelly, Jane, and Barbra. I went through these the past couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed them all. It's been so long since I could dedicate some time to watching my collection. I forgot how chic Funny Face is, and how much Funny Girl makes me laughSo today's post is a little different...just simply sharing the classics I always keep available.


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