Good Things for February

Good Things for February on Natalie Catalina


Happy hump day loves. I'm having a rough work week. I'm so ready for the holiday weekend in DC! I recently switched bedrooms with my roommate and am happy to have a place to refresh with more natural light! It's getting me excited and I've made a few new purchases. I'll be sure to share them on Instagram once they arrive!! In other news, I've been taking on more freelance work which is exciting - especially when I get to work with bloggers who are my personal favorites. If you're interested in working together, please let me know! I'm hoping to dedicate more time this year to designing pretty things with all of you. 

Also! I've been thinking about posting three times a week instead of two. I know! Big deal. But for someone who has a fulltime job outside this blog and a social life I'd like to keep, it's definitely hard to dedicate time here! Especially when posts can take hours or days to be ready for posting (because normally I make several revisions before I'm happy). I'm wondering whether you guys would like more content during the week? I personally find it hard to keep up with bloggers who post everyday, and I love that you guys take the time to comment. I'm worried you would miss out on posts if you only keep up with me every couple days and only read most recent posts. What are your thoughts? Do you guys catch up with others who post several times a week?

And finally...a few things I love this month...

good things

Pink Cubebot   •   Arianna Belle Pillows   •   Pineapple Tumbler   •   Public-Supply   •  J.Crew Sunglasses


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