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Good Things for March on Natalie Catalina


Happy hump day! I forgot to schedule this post so it's a bit late. There's so much to tell you! The past couple weeks have been insane. I don't think I've ever had a busier month than March has been. For anyone who's been following me on snapchat or twitter, you've probably heard about WhiteVine Cosmetics. And for those I have not quit my day job! On top of my full-time job in DC, I've joined a start-up company! It all happened so fast. 

Two weeks ago, I met with my bestfriend to help her create a logo and identity for a cosmetics line she had been plotting up. This was nothing new. It's something she's wanted for a very long time! But having the identity for it made it very real and suddenly things kind of took off. We've had a few board meetings since then and worked endlessly over the weekend to get the website set up and all our social media going. WhiteVine is a brand new line of all natural oral health and beauty products, formulated without petroleum bases or parabens.

We're currently developing a number of revolutionary products that will transform the oral beauty industry and we're so excited to role them out in the future! For now, we're selling a few lip presses designed by Victoria, a board-licensed dentist who knows her stuff! As the VP of Marketing, I'm really excited to see where the brand can go, but if anything, we can say we started something awesome and learned how to create a business on our own. Please check out our website!! We're currently running a pre-sale on our products where you can enjoy 30% off. Read about our story, meet the team, and check out our current line of colors here.

In other news, there are plenty of other things I'm falling in love with this month!


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