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Good Things on Natalie Catalina

You guyssss...I'm back! Did you miss me?

Needless to say, my little break from social media was wonderful. I cooled down on twitter and instagram and snapchat, all the things. I feel refreshed and renewed! When you get to a point where blogging becomes more of a chore than for fun, you know it's time to shutdown for a few weeks. I've done this several times since starting this blog back in 2013, especially when I'm just feeling less than creative and the inspiration doesn't seem to be flowing. 

Behind the scenes I was reshaping this space and getting back to a simpler setup where all I need to worry about are my blog posts. I've decided to strip away the freelance unless something awesome comes my way or someone really convinces me to help them out with design work. It became too much for me and I barely had time to sleep! So here you'll find..basically, just my blog. And that's it! Of course my shop, about page, and contact info as well. But I'm excited to do without all the fuss and just focus on my full time job here in DC and blogging (on my own schedule). A newly structure about page is up, along with an updated shop for your to browse. 

I'm so pumped for summer activities, parties, weddings, etc. etc. And I cannot wait to get back to dedicating some time to this space. I'm hoping to hop back into social media across the board as well. Especially snapchat (because, so fun!). As for my comeback post, here are a few things I currently have my eye on. Happy Monday! May the force be with you.


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