The Aloha

The Aloha on Natalie Catalina

Aloha! I'm currently enjoying a leisure, spa day at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort and eating up every minute. I've got the island life on my mind this week for sure. A few weeks ago my mom informed me of a future trip to Hawaii with the entire clan (stepdad, mom, brother, two step siblings, myself, and respective bfs/gfs). I designed a super fun mid-century, Hawaiian flyer to announce it to the family at dinner last night and now it's all I can think about. Though the trip won't come until summer 2018, I'm f*cking pumped. A lot of saving is in order for us to stay at the top 5-star resorts, three islands, several excursions, north shore adventures, skydiving, snorkeling, ATVs, surfing, zip-lining, jet skiing, hiking...the whole enchilada! If we're going to do Hawaii, we're going to do it right. Anyways, naturally it led to inspiring this interior post for a Hawaiian bungalow right on the beach...wouldn't that be nice? 

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One: Botanical Linen Pillows   |   Two: Light Pink Pillow   |   Three: Natural Clam Shell   |   Four: Banana Palms   |   Five: White Juju Hat   |   Six: Vintage Rattan Magazine Rack   |   Seven: Teak Pineapple Catchall   |   Eight: Vintage Aqua Art Glass Bowl   |   Nine: Tropical Coconut Wood Earrings   |   Ten: Rose Blush Harlow Lamp   |   Eleven: 1961 Blue Hawaii Elvis Photograph   |   Twelve: Mid-Century Brass Bird Figures   |   Thirteen: Pink Scalloped Pottery Vase   |   Fourteen: The Aloha: Spirit of the Islands   |   Fifteen: Vintage Rattan Sofa

Natalie Catalina