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Good Things / Natalie Catalina

Ugh. Mondays. I'm incredibly blessed to get to work from home on Mondays, but believe me when I say that it's still totally rough. I feel like the weekends are flying by! Is it just me? To be honest, I felt totally lazy this weekend. Sometimes we all need a few of those days to lie around in bed and soak up all the nothingness we have to do. But next weekend will balance it out as I head to NYC to stay with my college friends and take in a few last days of summer in the city. I'm so excited to live it up for the weekend, but definitely thinking that I need to plan another trip up for Fall, when I can just meet up with all my blogging ladies. sure to follow along on Snapchat. Here are a few things that I've bookmarked lately all for you!


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1. You'll Grow Out of It   /   2. Sleepy Jones   /   3. Freda Salvador Wish Woven Oxfords   /   4. Rodin Lip Balm   /   5. Enamel Pins   /   6. La La Land Trailer

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