10 Tips for a Rad Start to 2017

10 Tips for a Rad Start to 2017 on Natalie Catalina

Hello, hello. This year, I really want to get into advice columns. I did my first one last year on being smart about shopping and you all seemed to love it! So here we are again. FUN. With the start of the new year, I'm always seeking tips for getting things off to a successful, fresh start. There's plenty to be done! While any time is the right time to get your life together, there's something so new about January that gets us more motivated than ever. So, I'm sharing my top ten go-to tasks for a clean slate. One that's organized, simplified, and easy. 


write down your goals

This may be obvious, but writing down your goals for the year is number one in my book. Not only is knowing what you want to accomplishment a good thing, but jotting them down and even sharing them (like I did here last week) adds a bit more accountability. Plus it's super fun to cross items off a list! For the year, think more short term for goals that you know are attainable and can be met.

make a "stop" list

A new thing I'm doing this year is listing out all the stuff I want to stop doing. Most of our goals and resolutions are focused on things we want to do in the new year, but what about all the things we want to quit? For example, stop hitting the snooze button, stop being hard on yourself, stop working at a job you hate, stop stalking your ex's new girlfriend, stop waisting food..whatever!

buy a new calendar

Whether your a calendar type lady or love a good planner, definitely make a point to purchase a brand new one for 2017. There's nothing more refreshing for organization than a clean calendar for you to fill up week after week. I love writing down my travel plans, events, milestones, birthdays, and more as soon as I get my hands on fresh sheets.

delete and unsubscribe

One of the first things I did before starting my week on January 1 was clean up my entire inbox. So satisfying to open my email and see zero items!!! Organize any mail you want to save into folders, empty your deleted items, and unsubscribe. Emails and newsletters build up over the year. I use a life-changing tool called Unroll.Me to easily remove my email from hundreds of brands or sites.


create a budget

If you're company is similar to mine, you probably had your yearly assessment and salary adjustment. You may have gotten an awesome raise and can afford a little more fun in the new year. Or maybe you took a pay cut to do something totally amazing and need to take another look at your spendings. Whatever the case, take a look at your accounts and develop a brand new budget for the year.

clean your desktop

Similar to cleaning up your inbox, removing any useless files from your computer will make you feel like a brand new person! Especially if you're a blogger, designer, or use your laptop to run your business. There are hundreds of files that you probably don't really need to keep. Archive, delete, and revamp your folders for a fresh beginning. You'll thank yourself.

organize paperwork

Have you picked up on the fact that I live for organization? I love organizing all of my paperwork at the end or beginning of each year. Especially bills, tax forms, receipts, important documents, etc. Buy a file folder or organizer, label those babies, and go through the piles of papers you have stuff in your desk or around the house. Organize by house, phone, car, school, health, travel, work. Huzzah!


This is usually something I do every few months, but I love beginning a year with a closet, kitchen, bathroom (whatever) full of items I actually use. Take a deep look at everything you own (I'm serious) and purge away. Make a keep, donate, and toss pile and go at it. This opens up your space for all the things your bound to acquire in the new year. 



My cleanse is more about going alcohol-free for the month and trying to eat at home. The holidays are a crazy, wonderful time full of sweets, eggnog, champagne, and a bunch of fatty foods that leave us feeling tired and not so great. Make the move to try to eat healthier by cooking at home and not drink as much in January. Soak up all the water you possibly can, work out, snack on veggies. This will get you back on track and get you reenergized. Also, saves money! 

jot down ideas

Open a notebook and write down every single idea that comes to mind. Literally everything. From your blog, to work, to travel, to events, to recipes, to simple activities you want to do. It's great to be able to check back on your list when you're in a creative rut, or thinking of your next trip, or grocery shopping. I think it's especially great if you have a fulltime job. Your team will thank you and appreciate the new ideas you bring to the project!

Natalie Catalina