6 Tips for Getting Organized this Fall


I love this season for so many reasons, but mostly because it always feels like a fresh start. Even though I'm definitely not in school anymore, I still always get that feeling and the joy of getting organized and motivated. Last week, I spent a lot of time doing just that. From purging my closet, to scrapping unnecessary files from my computer, to organizing my calendars and to-do lists, and more. Below are a few tips I swear by for both fall and spring cleaning.



Purge Your Closet

Purging your closet is necessary this time of year. I love going through my entire collection of clothing and tossing all the pieces I didn't wear during the summer, as well as pieces from last fall/winter that I may find ugly and unflattering now. Making a keep, toss, and donate/sell pile is a great way to get through this. And when it comes to items you're not sure about, try them on and do a little fashion show with your roommate or whoever is kind enough to sit through your fashion show. Then reorganize your closet/dresser by items, color, sleeves, whatever.



Make a Shopping List

With your closet fully purged, you now know exactly what items you need to buy. If you've organized by color and item type, then you can see that you have seven black sweaters or 12 flowy white long-sleeved tops, and you probably don't need another one this season. You know what you don't have and can place only the necessities on your shopping list. I love knowing what I don't need to spend money on. Plus, having a set list keeps me from straying and buying things I really don't need to spend money on.



Clean Out Your Bathroom

If you're anything like me... your bathroom cabinets or drawers are cluttered with half-used beauty products and old, expired makeup. There's also probably a million of those bobby pins you lost and nail polish accidentally spilled at the bottom of your drawer. Take the time to go through your bathroom and toss anything you aren't using or that's expired. Add boxes or separators to keep things organized and be sure to use up the products that only have a little bit left.



Trash Old/Unnecessary Files or Paperwork

My desk area definitely gets extremely unorganized pretty quickly. I try to clean it up every few months and toss anything I don't need like old cards, tickets, or printed materials and magazines I had kept for inspiration. Take a good look at all your paperwork and either organize them into folders, place them where they belong, or throw out everything you don't need. Then open your desktop and do the same. For remaining files, see what can be archived as a compressed folder. This will clear out lots of space. I also use programs like CleanMyMac to do regular scans and maintenance checks. You'd be surprised how much memory and space you're using from files or even apps you no longer need.



Clean Up Your Phone and Social Media

Take a look at your phone and delete all the apps you don't use, then open up your contacts and delete all those random people you don't need in there. Open your photo library and do a mass transfer (if you don't do it often) and move everything to your computer to organize. Having a cleaned out phone will make it run faster and give you a fresh start for the season. I also like to purge my followers/following on my social media from time to time. For platforms like Facebook, where I hope to be more private, I remove anyone I don't really want to be "friends" with who I may not know well, and for other platforms, I purge those who I'm following, such as accounts that I don't relate to anymore or accounts that are not bringing me joy (let's face it, these days, there's probably a lot).



Update Your Calendar Make a To-Do List

Open up your digital calendar - I love using the one on my Macbook so I can easily update and change things as needed. Fill out all the season's happenings or fun things you hope to do with friends and family. If you're a blogger or creative, take the time to update your editorial/publication schedule as far out as possible (I recently did this for the entire month of October and November). This will keep you organized and give you something to refer to if you're feeling dry on topic ideas. I also love using the Wunderlist app to create lists and actually utilize it every single day. I start a brand new list every month to get things done and it really helps! Plus you can easily click items to check them as complete, set reminders, add sub-tasks,  dates, and more.


What do you do to get organized for the fall season?