Why I Love My "Curated" Life

My Curated Life on Natalie Catalina

Hello hump day! I spent a good deal of time this past weekend jotting down notes simply asking myself why I love creating things and curating a life full of beauty. I always try to make room for journaling or brainstorming ideas for the blog. Most come out of nowhere, but others are pulled from my brain after forcing myself to sit down and think about what I want to share for the week. And this was certainly an easy thing to share.

With all the animosity and negativity in the news or on social media lately, I've found that I need this space, my creative outlet, more than ever. To me, it's important to remind ourselves every now and then why we do the things we love. Why do we create? Especially in times when inspiration can seem sparse, you must always remember "why." And if sometimes you're feeling that there are "more important things to worry about," remind yourself that you love to blog, or paint, or write, or design, or sing, or cook, or play. And you should always make time for what you're passionate about. In a world that can often seem black and white, with daily routines, mundane tasks, and the same old same old, these creative moments give life color.

So there you have it. A little reminder to myself to keep going and keep creating and keep designing and keep telling stories on this little space of mine. Even when my work week is stressful, or I'm burnt out, or I feel like no one is even reading my posts. 

Now your turn! Why do you create?

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