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Happy Thursday! This week flew by and thank god for that. It was also amazing out. Like 60s and sunny and beautiful. I didn't even wear a coat to work yesterday. And naturally (because global warming is real), it's dropped dramatically today and we had snow in the early morning. So that's unnatural. Anyways, the spring weather teaser seemed very appropriate for today's post. In celebration of Pantone's Color of the Year - Greenery - I was asked to share a post about how I'd decorate with green and tips for bringing green into your home. It's refreshing and happy and has me excited for warmer days.

To be honest, I struggled with this concept because I don't normally gravitate toward greens in my fact, I never do! I had a post ready to go yesterday, but was not loving it and scrapped it. I realized that if I was going to share something here on green decor that I had to do it right! And put together a bundle of furnishings that I would actually use myself. I'm MUCH happier with how this one turned out. In my opinion, I think green is quite bold when it comes to furniture, but I also think it's the perfect way to bring the color in.

Find furniture that's covered in green as a statement piece, a sofa or pair of chairs work well. Then decorate the room using complimentary coloring - for example, I love greens and pinks together. Whenever I've seen green furniture in a room, I often see it paired with a gorgeous Persian or Turkish rug in a red or pinkish palette. So that's where I started. A pretty rug and statement green sofa. If you're not a fan, I think it's also very easy to pull in green through small decorative items, books, lamps, pillows, and most obviously, plants! Plants and tropical prints or designs are an excellent way to bring green into a room, especially if you're living it up in an Elliman Florida property. But having a velvet green sofa seems quite dreamy to me!

How would you decorate your home with greenery?


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1. Art Deco Style Bowl    2. Vintage Turkaman Turkish Rug    3. Ribbed Depression Glass Vase    4. Julius Shulman: Modernism Resdiscovered Book    5. White Juju Hat    6. Mid-Century Custom Credenza    7. Cambridge Round Dinnerware Cruette    8. Arthur Umanoff Mid-Century Walnut Magazine Rack    9. Kate Spade Green Tassel Pillow    10. 1970s Mid-Century Glazed Ceramic Table Lamps    11. Greenterior Book    12. Tufted Back Green Velvet Sofa

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