The Brand New Natalie Catalina


Ok. I've been keeping a few secrets.

I'm so excited to welcome you to the brand new website! I was pumped to let out the secret on social media last week, but the real thing is finally here! There's so much to discover and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. I wanted to keep the same simple, minimalist vibes, easy navigation, and aesthetic for this redesign, but pump things up a bit. Becausssse... I needed more space to build out my design studio. That's not all! I'll officially be launching an online small shop in August 2017. Ahhhhhhhh. SO PUMPED. So here's the break down of all the newness...


new web design.

With out completely rebranding, I redesigned the entire site. New nav bar, footer, brand new page templates and language, and way more content. The overall goal of this website was to have an online space acting as my office, portfolio, journal, and shop - all in one - without being too overwhelming and still keeping the same style as before (you guys seemed to love my old site and so did I!). There's an updated color and graphics, and just more to look at and discover. The about page has been completely revamped and re-written. You'll also notice little graphics here and there, a play off my logo and just some fun to build upon my brand. 


new studio.

There's a brand new design studio page where you will find everything you need to know about working with me. I'm so excited to bring back some freelance work and help you elevate your websites, brands, or materials.  On this page you'll find the services I offer, and can click on the guide and terms link to view everything you need to know in a document for easy reading.


new blog.

The blog is still here, of course! Nothing much has changed there because I simply didn't want to change anything - it was my favorite part about my old site. Very clean, with focus on the post graphics. Most of the changes are back-ended, completely re-doing tags and categories for easier search and organization. The main blog page also has a quick menu for browsing topics, my tag line, and the posts below. I'll be working on new series that I'm really excited about, including "A Seat At the Table," a blog post to celebrate creative women and get to know the ones I'm inspired by.


new shop.

The biggest news ever! I'll be opening an online shop in August 2017. I cannot wait. After years of scouring the internet for items I love, I really wanted to start something of my own. I've been scouting flea markets, collecting vintage items, and working with small shops and brands to bring my handpicked, favorite goods to you, my readers. For now, there's a placeholder on "The Goods" page and shop links in footer are un-clickable, but soon enough, the shop will be packed with gorgeous, fun, mid-century finds for the modern bohemian. More to come on this later.


brand awareness and collateral.

I didn't want to change too much about the branding. I adore my fonts, my logo, and overall style. But I really wanted to define it further. Having a brand strategy laid out was never something I had done for myself, so I got busy! Then after moodboarding, several logo variations, and complimenting graphics, I finally developed a brand board for myself. If you're a designer, you know how hard it is designing for yourself. It's almost like nothing is ever good enough or you're just over it after a few months. So having all of this developed and finalized made me feel so good. Next, I wanted to design print collateral. I've now got my business cards, thank yous, design flyers, my business proposal, my design guide and terms, and even product tags for the shop. It all makes me swoon. There's going to be a few special goodies packed with each order in the shop, but I'll save the details for another time.


Seeing the new site come together and having a consistent brand and cohesive style across every single piece of Natalie Catalina, from social to print to web, is actually the best feeling in the world. I'm so excited to hear what you guys love (or don't love) about the new website. I want it to be easy to navigate, consistent, and really show who I am. That's it! Stay tuned for the shop launch date and more information soon.

Also, you're the best.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey in blogging for over four years. I look forward to this new adventure and know that none of this would be possible with out you all. You are the reason this space keeps going and it's been so fun and rewarding to have you all enjoy the content that I share with you. There's no better feeling than knowing I have this community of creative people and inspiring women who are so supportive of what I do. Let's keep the good vibes rollin'.


so, What do you think?