Fresh Perspective

Fresh Perspective, on Natalie Catalina

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have had a relaxing start to the work week. I have been reading all of your comments from my giveaway post and several mentioned wanting more interior posts and I realized I hadn't done a furnishings/decor round-up in too long! So here we are with a brand new take on a living space that I've dreamt up. I not-so-secretly love a little 80s vibes when it comes to decor. I definitely think there are specific pieces that work so well mixed in with mid-century interiors and more modernized pieces. I love the idea of a funky white couch to freshen up a living room and am also obsessed with this floor lamp! Give the post a like and comment below if you're into it and want more of these! Shop the post below.

1. 1980's Floor Lamp   2. Goodbye Picasso Coffee Table Book   3. Cassadaga Tufted Shag Rug   4. Taupe Velvet Pillows    5. Walnut Wall Mirror   6. Moki Peach Planter   7. Pink Marble Dish   8. Lightolier Brass 3-Tier Sconces   9. Peace Sign Hand Candle   10. Jane Birkin Vintage Book by Gerard Lenne   11. Vintage Adrian Pearsall Kidney Cloud Curved Sofa   12. Bamboo & Rattan Magazine Rack