New Things Around Here

It’s true. I did it again.

Don’t kill me, but I’ve redesigned things around here… again. You all know by now that I get the itch to do this at the end of every year. It’s nice to start fresh for a year ahead, though it’s only October, but still! I’ve reverted back to my old template, but with a personal challenge to keep this layout for the next few years - that’s a big deal for me!

With a few future projects in mind for Natalie Catalina, I also decided to update my tagline to Nice Things with Good Design. Simple and sweet, and the soul purpose of everything I share here, from blogging about interiors and fashion, to sharing design inspiration, to sharing my own freelance work. So that’s that.

Anyways, this year has been insane. With a full-time job and so much freelance work in 2018, I’ve had very little time to dedicate to projects that are mine, so I’m excited to wrap up client work (and can’t wait to share them!) and spend more time here and working on things I’ve been dying to get to.

With that said, here are a few new things happening. First! I’ve really wanted to simplify my social media and online life and have taken a few steps to do it. I’ve let go of Facebook, both personally and with my blog page. It’s still up there and blog posts and instas automatically get posted as they go live. So if you follow that page, you’ll still see my stuff! But I recently purged my entire friend list…I’m talking hundreds of people, no offense. I just wanted it to be close friends and family I actually speak to and want to keep up with, so my FB screen time is rare these days! I won’t be promoting my page anymore on the blog. I also said bye to Tumblr. I adore the platform, but ultimately decided that putting my effort into Pinterest as a photo/inspiration platform made more sense. It’s just more effective.

Cutting down on social media has really helped. I no longer feel pressure to keep up with so many platforms. Less is more!

Ok, second, instead of my project portfolio, I’ve moved all my freelance work over to Behance. For whatever reason, updating project pages here takes so much time and always seems to be on the backburner. I really wanted to start using Behance more anyways, so it made more sense to link to my profile there instead. I’m also forcing myself to add projects I want to share as they launch so I don’t get behind! The Projects page still has some general info and a list of clients and projects, but otherwise, all work is on Behance and it’s completely updated with things I want to share right now.

Third, I’m happy to have a cleaner folder for all things “Fun.” This drop-down has all the random stuff I may want to share with you all, from my prints, to my UO shower curtain collab, to a newsletter sign-up, and more. While the Directory can be found there, I did ultimately decide to remove my Curated page. After testing it out for several months, I just don’t get much action there. I’d rather put my effort elsewhere.

Lastly, a couple new projects have been launched! Finally, the one you’ve been waiting for - Taylor and I have worked together on random things for both Glitter Guide and for her own personal projects. But her branding and website was obviously the biggest effort and lots of fun! Since we’re inspired by the same things and have similar design aesthetics, she was a dream client! I had lots of fun illustrating her logos and endlessly searching for the perfect fonts to reflect her style.

Sidenote… I helped Taylor and Ariel with designing print collateral for their new jewelry collab - the Lumiére Locket over on Ariel Gordon. Dreamy!

Ive also launched Ariel Okin’s site! Ariel is an interior designer based in NY. I really wanted to redesign her site in a way that better showcased her work - more of a portfolio where her clients can really get a sense of her style and work.

Ok! If you read through all of this… you’re a good friend. That’s all for now! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!